A Poem for VE Day by King’s Bolton Student

This Friday we will be celebrating the 75th anniversary of VE (Victory In Europe) Day. To recognise the day one of Year 7 students, Aden Haider, has created this beautiful poem:

VE Day

It was the night where the rifles stopped,

The Army Generals sat down still,

All the blood in the hospitals being mopped,

Silence was met with the defeat of the Germans,


The General claimed out “It shall be a miracle, we have won!”

Everybody roared in victory,

Celebrated when we were met with the sun,

Calling it a blessing may be contradictory,

Make it count,

All around,

Voices of treasured please,

The Germans we have ceased,

To all those who died for us,

Thank you for saving our country,

Now we give you all our trust,

For we all made this community,

Cheered for today,

Remembrance to stay,

On the 8th of May,

Was Victory in Europe day,

Happy VE Day!

-Aden Haider, Year 7