Academies Battle For the Cross Trust Spelling Bee Shield!

On Tuesday the schools across the Trust travelled through the bitter winter weather to Bolton for the 2nd Annual Great Schools Trust Spelling Bee. Players from Years 7, 8, and 9 were prepared for lexical battle to ensue but who would be victorious? Could Bolton make it two wins out of two, following their 2019 win? Or would the other schools topple the title-holders and claim the shield as their own?

Each year group competed against their respective peers from the other schools three rounds:

  • Round 1: Seen words. Pupils had pre-released words to revise and practice beforehand.
  • Round 2: Team words. Pupils worked as a team to spell unseen words.
  • Round 3: Last Speller Standing. Pupils spell unseen words individually in a ‘Last Speller Standing’ Shootout.

Each Year Group competition would contribute points to the overall tally which would then decide the overall winners.

The Year 7s were up first and set and incredibly high standard. Warrington started well with a strong first round; Bolton pushed on in the Team Spelling. However, Hawthornes powered home to victory with a stellar performance in the Last Speller Standing round.

The Year 8s followed and a resurgent Bolton came flying out of the blocks. However, the Last Speller Standing round let them down again as Liverpool stuck around to claim victory for their Year 8 team.

Finally, the Year 9s took to the stage. A great start from Warrington put them in good standing, along with Liverpool. However, they were trumped by a clean sweep from Hawthornes which set them off on the front foot and none of the other teams were able to dislodge them. Another win for Hawthornes!

The final table reflected Hawthornes’ dominance in the Year 7 and Year 9 competition and, despite consistent challenge from the other schools, no-one else was able to top them on the day. 

The final standings:

1st Place: Hawthornes

2nd Place: Bolton

3rd Place: Liverpool

4th Place: Warrington

An engraved shield will be making its way to the victors and we look forward to seeing it displayed with pride at King’s Hawthornes.