Celebrating VE Day at King’s Bolton

This year on 8th May we celebrated the 75th Anniversary of Victory in Europe (VE) Day. Our students have been commemorating this momentous occasion through their creative writing. Here is an inspirational piece of writing by Haseena from Year 7:

‘The guns fell silent. No bombs came to attack us. It was over. Finally, we can have our peace. No more dead bodies on the floor. No more Nazis. Today, we can celebrate and keep this as a memory in a jar. There are families crying about their loved ones, but we will still remember them in the future as our heroes. Our heroes are the ones to give us what we deserved. Today, we can celebrate our victory. We are finally victorious and have punished the Nazis for what they did. Now everyone will have a smile on their faces. No more guns are going to shoot. We have won.

Remember this as our win.

Winston Churchill’

Our students celebrated at home with their families. Here are some marvellous examples: