Academy Dining

King’s works very hard to ensure and maintain a high standard of nutritionally balanced meals that our students will enjoy. We also aim to help educate our students to make healthier choices with our weekly kitchen newsletter.

The Dining Hall is open during break between 10.45am and 11.05am. Lunchtime lasts for 45 minutes from 1.00pm-1.45pm Monday to Thursday, and from 12.00pm-12.45pm on Friday. The school restaurant is situated in the main hall and provides a healthy range of foods and caters for students with specific dietary needs. A school dinners can be purchased for £2.20 per day. Payments can be made online through our cashless catering system. At King’s we pride ourselves on upholding strong family values, with all students eating their lunch together as a House, and with their Academic Tutor in our ‘Family Dining environment. Students are only allowed outside once their table has finished eating, their table has been cleared away and cleaned and members of staff are on duty and supervision is evident and sufficient.

Free School Meals 

Students eligible for free school meals will receive a daily allowance of £2.50. Application forms and further details can be obtained via the Local Authority website. All applications are treated in the strictest of confidence. Please claim if you are eligible and if you are unsure don’t hesitate to contact the Principal or Vice Principle for confidential advice and guidance.

Cashless Dining Hall System 

The Dining Hall operates a cashless system whereby meals are paid for with credits using a new biometric system. Money can be credited to accounts using the online portal. Payment by cheque should be given to the Academy Registrar and be made payable to the Great Schools Trust.

Dinner Menu

Packed Lunch

Hot Dinner