King’s Bolton Leads the way with Music Tuition

At King’s Bolton we believe that excellence is a habit and is a good guide to the achievement of both academic and personal success.  With this in mind a strong learning culture permeates all that we do and sets us apart from other standard schools.

One of the ways the school differs from others is the focus on musical education.  Our students benefits from three hours musical education which is delivered by the Bolton Music Service.  This is broken down as follows:

  • 1 hour tuition on an orchestral instrument
  • 1 hour tuition on music theory
  • 1 hour tuition with the choir

There is wide evidence that learning a musical instrument helps a student academically.  There are strong links between music and mathematical sequencing and rhythm as well as the enrichment that it provides to students’ lives.

Mastering a musical instrument also helps students to live our values of endeavour and self-awareness.  On a recent trip to Stoller Hall in Manchester members of the Manchester Camerata orchestra shared with our Year 7s how being successful in an orchestra is not about talent; it is about hard work, perseverance and endeavour.  These are just some of the character traits that we hope to develop in our students to equip them for their long term study and career plans.

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