King’s Bolton Pupil ‘highly commended’ in national Short Story Writing competition

As part of our Distance Learning Programme over half term, pupils were encouraged to submit short stories to the National Book Tokens Short Story Competition, in association with Puffin Books Big Dreamers. The theme the pupils had to write about was “Big Dreams”

Lots of pupils entered and Mr Hoare was incredibly impressed by the endeavour and professionalism put into the stories and the achievement of all those who entered.

It gives us great pleasure to announce that Aisha Yasar, of Horrockes Mill, was highly commended by the judging panel, consisting of a number of published children’s authors. She has won £50 worth of book vouchers to spend at a local book shop. You can see her name in the 11-14 category on The National Book Tokens website.

You can read her story, The Friend Better than Sight, here:

There was a boy aged only eleven and called Josh who had the best eyesight you could wish for, and was one of the most popular kids in his whole school. This was until he woke up one morning and all he could see was darkness. 

He was scared. Josh didn’t know what to do and yelled for his mother’s attention. This, however, took some time as it was 6am and she was still asleep. Luckily for Josh, his mother heard him and rushed to his side. As Josh explained everything to his mother, an ambulance had pulled up outside, responding to Josh’s mother’s call. The opticians didn’t bring good news and explained how Josh had no longer had his eyesight. Josh and his family had to move homes, schools and had to start a new life. 

Josh’s new school was completely different. There were more children like him there as it was a special needs school. At first, it was all bewildering and new to Josh, but he soon got used to this; however, this was also bad as the lonely boy now had no friends and wished, yearned to see once more. A few weeks later, a boy named David came up to Josh and introduced himself, thinking he could be friends with Josh. Josh was ecstatic as he still would sit, all alone on the same bench in the same spot. They did become friends. 

David talked about his condition called cerebral palsy and what it was. They spent all day, everyday together and became the best of friends. To this day, they are still friends. Although Josh still longed to be able to see again, he realised that all he needed was a friend and this made him happier than seeing.