King’s Bolton Wins Great Schools Trust Spelling BEE

Today King’s Leadership Academy Bolton hosted the inaugural Great Schools Trust Spelling Bee. Teams from King’s Academies Bolton, Hawthornes, Liverpool, and Warrington competed across three rounds: spellings from a pre-arranged list, team spelling, and last man standing. In between rounds, the audience from King’s Bolton was treated to some stirring poetry recitals: Shaun Simmons and Eldon Shabani recited our school poem “The Road Not Taken”, Adrian Zalubski recited “Invictus”, and Zainab Musa and Sana Dema recited “Caged Bird”.

After a closely fought contest, it was the hosts King’s Bolton who were victorious, with King’s Hawthornes finishing a close second. A huge thanks must go to all of the King’s Bolton staff for their support with hosting, all the staff in the other academies for travelling with their pupils, and, of course, to the pupils themselves for showing all the ASPIRE Code throughout the competition. A special thanks to Eldon Shabani for his fantastic hosting of the competition.

Teams: Kings Bolton (Shaun Simmons, Zaara Doctor, Moses Wong, Aisha Yasar, Khaleel Ahmad Chohan), King’s Hawthornes (Jackson Adetola, Joel Bartlett, Isabelle Newton, Paige Church, Nikola Tomczyk), King’s Liverpool (Jason Ajayi, Mohamed Guddam, Ranna Zubair, Divyansha Santhosh, Carl Mullings), King’s Warrington (Erin Carless, Hannah Hull, Alexander Kidd, Jacob Myles, Brayden Davies).