Re-Opening School Information

We are looking forward to the reopening of King’s Leadership Academy Bolton from Wednesday 2nd September 2020.

We are absolutely delighted the government has said all pupils must return and have made attendance compulsory.

There are some significant changes to normal school life which are outlined below however every child will have access to full time education and the full school curriculum.

Travel to and from school

It is the government advice that all children should walk to school if it is at all possible. Where this is not possible then they should consider cycling,therefore we have put in place more facilities for students to store their bikes. If students have to take public transport they must wear a face mask. Students taking the school bus will also be expected to wear face masks for the duration of the journey.

The School Day

School will start at different times for different students, but everyone will be supervised to wash their hands thoroughly upon arrival and their temperature will be taken. Students must arrive in their allocated arrival window. The timings of the school day are presented on the table below. Once pupils are in school, they will be encouraged to wash their hands regularly, including before and after they eat and upon leaving our site.

 Monday -ThursdayFriday
Arrival WindowEnd Arrival WindowEnd
Year 77.45am – 7.59am3.45pm7.45am – 7.59am1.10pm
Year 88.00am- 8.14am4.00pm8.00am- 8.14am1.25pm

If you have children in two separate years please aim to arrive at school as close to 8.00am as possible.

Protective Bubbles

Students will be placed in a protective bubble. Bubbles will not come into prolonged, close contact with each other, which will help keep the school safe.  For example, students in Year 8 will be in a bubble in the same class for every lesson. There will be separate breaks and lunchtimes to help keep bubbles apart.

There will be two separate lunchtimes to help reduce contact between students. We will continue with ‘Family Dining’ but students will sit in their bubbles and be served by a member of staff wearing PPE. We have also introduced additional cleaning measures throughout the day.


Students will have access to their full curriculum upon their return, including enrichment (sports, music etc.).

PE lessons will now take place outside so on the days your child has this subject please make sure they have all the kit required for different weather (e.g. PE jacket, tracksuit and rugby top).

The first two weeks at school will be the ASPIRE Bootcamp where we teach students how to be a successful student at King’s. Following that will be the Academic Bootcamp where we cover content previously studied by the students to ensure their knowledge is secure. Learning Cycle 1 will then begin on the 28th September where we introduce new knowledge and skills for the first time.


We have still decided to suspend after school extra-curricular activities until after the winter break, although ‘Homework Club’ and ‘Corrections’ will still be running each night.


All students will be expected to bring all the necessary equipment each day, this will be checked and corrections given for missing items. Please read the below list carefully

Provided by King’s to Year 7 students*Essential items to be purchased by familiesOptional items
King’s Pencil Case 2 x black biro 2 x pencil 1 x ruler Glue stick  

*Year 8 students will need to provide these items themselves  
Sharpener Eraser Green Pen (biro) Protractor Compass Scientific calculatorHighlighter (NB. Tipex is not permitted in school)  


Children will be expected to be in full uniform from Wednesday 2nd September. This includes school blazer, tie, white long-sleeved school shirt, jumper, charcoal grey trousers or skirt, and black polishable lace up shoes (girls are allowed a buckle).

As students will be outside for longer than usual during the school day we recommend they bring with them a warm coat (plain dark colours) each day.

Students will not require their PE kit for the first couple of weeks during the ASPIRE Bootcamp. Students will be informed when to bring their PE kit for the first time. 

If you need any additional items of uniform, please contact Ms Baglow ( or order through the My Child At School (MCAS) app.


We will also ensure there is time devoted to the emotional wellbeing of pupils. In preparation for this, key teachers have been trained in how to deliver mindfulness as well as bereavement training. These two training courses will allow us to be responsive to the needs of all the children when they return to school.

Whilst we know the majority of families will be delighted that schools are reopening, there may be some parents or pupils who feel anxious about returning: if this applies to you, please do not suffer in silence. You should contact us as soon as you can and we will work with you to ensure you feel reassured that all your concerns have been addressed.


Our behaviour policy will be updated to include strict sanctions for any students not adhering to proper social distancing or endangering the health or wellbeing of others.


If your son or daughter, or somebody else in your household, has coronavirus symptoms they should stay at home until tested and contact the relevant Head of Year (Year 7: Ms Bostan; Year 8: Ms Youssouf ).Likewise, the government guidance says that if there is a confirmed case at school, then we should work with the relevant health authorities to ensure that everyone who was in close contact with them when they were infectious is notified and self-isolates. If a child develops symptoms during the school day, they will be isolated and we will immediately contact the family.

Finally, we would like to thank all our students and their families for their patience and understanding in helping us return to normal schooling at King’s. We fully understand that this pandemic is not over and there will be challenges ahead for us all. One thing that has stood out within this community over the past 12 months has been a sense of togetherness with open and honest communication. We need this now more than ever, therefore every Friday we will be sending out an email to all families with up to date information about the school including any changes to our procedures. We also welcome feedback from parents and carers so if you have any concerns or suggestions please feel free to contact Mr Crosby directly (