STEM Club Tries the Coke-Mentos Challenge with Explosive Results!

This half term the students at STEM Club have enjoyed experimenting and investigating reactions in their enrichment time with the Coke-Mentos challenge which proved to be an all time favourite practical for the students.  Students challenged each other to see whose Coke whooshed out of the bottle the fastest after dropping in a Mentos.  The excessive production of carbon dioxide causes the creation of more bubbles leading to a spectacular eruption!

In addition to this crowd pleaser, students enjoyed creating their own mazes using boxes and straws. They then challenged their friends in their groups to test the maze using a marble and identify the winner. 

Another popular activity was the walking water practical.  This practical allowed our students to see how the colour rose from one beaker into another.  They had the opportunity to then apply science to what they had completed.  Water overcomes gravity and rises up the paper towel arch as it is attracted to the cellulose in them and to the water already absorbed.  Once the paper towels are saturated, the water seeps out again and mixes with the coloured water from the next set of paper towel arches making new colours.

STEM Club will continue after half term on Mondays with more exciting activities and ways to explore science.