The Benefits of a Longer School Day at King’s Bolton

At King’s Leadership Academy Bolton we believe in developing a strong ‘learning culture’ based firmly on the belief that every student will succeed. This belief permeates all that we do and defines the character of our students, ensuring that over time, excellence becomes a habit for all who study with us.

To support the development of a strong learning culture we believe that our students benefit from a longer school day.  Providing this extended day offers many advantages:

  • More time to focus on academic subjects to ensure better GCSE and A level grades
  • More time to focus on the arts, sports and enrichment to develop a student’s character – vital to becoming a better citizen
  • More time to focus on the key skills of reading, writing and spelling which is the bedrock to academic success
  • More time getting to know students and building stronger relationships

In addition a longer day eases the burden on childcare for families and prepares students for a proper working week.  This approach to school also emulates the independent sector which is a major reason for its unrivalled success. 

Total hours gained for our students can be illustrated as follows:

  • A standard school week = 25 hours of lessons. King’s students have 31 hours of lessons (28 lessons plus 3 hours of lesson zero)
  • This equates to 6 hours extra lessons per week which equates to 234 hours per year
  • 234 hours per year equates to 1170 hours over the course of their 5 year King’s journey
  • 1170 hours is the equivalent of 47 extra days compared to a standard school
  • 47 days is an extra 9 weeks of learning
  • 9 weeks of learning is an extra 1.5 terms

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