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About 2350 years ago a teacher coined the phrase ‘excellence is a habit’. By this he meant that for anyone to succeed then the pursuit of excellence must become a way of life for them. Not occasionally, not sometimes but every day of their lives. That teacher was Aristotle and it is his philosophy that underpins everything we do at King’s Leadership Academy Bolton. 

King’s Leadership Academy Bolton was formed in September 2019 with its inaugural cohort of 180 Year 7 students and 24 staff. We are now recruiting for our next group of exceptional teachers to help deliver the world class education our students deserve. Within 5 years the school will hold 900 students and we are looking for forward-thinking educators who share our core beliefs and values to build on the impressive start we have already made. 

At King’s we believe that success is not predetermined and based around how ‘clever’ a student is. Instead we believe that a successful life is formed through hard-work and having a strong character. This is what we strive to create amongst our students every day at King’s. To achieve this, like Aristotle, we demand excellence in all our students do. Excellence in behaviour, excellence in attendance, excellence in appearance, excellence in effort and excellence in all they do, both inside and outside the classroom. 

We have created a school designed to help our students to develop the academic skills, individual habits, qualities of character and leadership necessary to succeed at all levels. This is achieved through a knowledge-rich academic curriculum alongside a varied enrichment programme that includes 3 hours of music tuition, fencing, martial arts, public speaking, Cadets, First Aid, mandarin amongst many more activities.

We are looking for ambitious and motivated teachers at all stages in their careers to form part of the King’s family. You will need to be an excellent classroom practitioner, have strong understanding of the science of how children learn, a drive to improve your own practice, have the highest expectations in all you do and a wish to create, and take ownership of, new systems at all levels of school life. Most importantly, we are looking for people with a passion for their subject and who care deeply about children.

Please click on this link for the job descriptions, person specifications and application forms. (Link redirects to Great Schools Trust website)

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