Welcome to King's Leadership Academy Bolton

An exciting time in education for the young people of Bolton.

New School Opening September 2019

Kings Leadership Academy Bolton will be an 11 – 16 school based in Great Lever.

  • A higquality, knowledgriceducationaprogramme of the same standard as thbest of Englandindependent or grammar schools without charging fees.
  • An ethos of higexpectationwhere aspiration and achievement will be encouraged.
  • Carefully focussed traditionateachindesigned to maximise the success of every child.
  • A rich and diversprogramme of leadership education that will encourage our young people to gain thdetermination, resilience and perseverance tsucceed.
  • Highly qualified and well-motivated staff who will be trained in the best evidence based classroom practice.
  • A successful secondary education for your child is just a phone call away.

A ‘values-based’ Approach To Education

At King’s, all students will be taught to embrace seven distinct values, which will be continually referred to throughout their educational journey. We summarise our core values in the acronym ASPIRE. These are the seven values on which our school is founded.

KLA Bolton

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.

- Aristotle

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