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King’s Leadership Academy provides excellent opportunities and progressions that are the envy of any secondary school in the country. King’s is an educational community whose philosophy embraces the development of academic excellence, responsibility, character, leadership and friendship through the delivery of an exciting and challenging curriculum delivered in a safe environment where intellectual risk taking is encouraged.

King's Foundation Curriculum

Students in Years 7-8 complete the King’s Foundation Programme of Study, a 28 hour weekly curriculum, aligned to the English Baccalaureate and other GCSE programmes of study, which begins more formally from Year 9. We believe it is essential that all pupils acquire a competent grasp of English, Mathematics, Science, a Modern Foreign Language, History, Geography, Philosophy and Public Speaking. Each of these subjects are taught in the morning session as part of the ‘Academic Arc’ alongside our award winning ASPIRE character programme. Creative, Physical and Leadership subjects such as Programming, Art, Music, Drama, Physical Education and CMI Leadership are taught every afternoon within the ‘Creative Arc’.

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