Life At King's

This is

Piper’s King’s

“I love the fact that everyone can run wild with their idea of school and
that we all engage in different ways.” My favourite subject at king’s is
History. I really enjoy learning about the past and our origins. It is so
interesting studying about where we came from. With King’s, I find it
very hard to find a favourite subject because all of the teachers are
so passionate and whenever anyone needs help they will explain and
make sure everyone understands. I also love music because the
department always brings life and excitement into the atmosphere of
the room. I am now so confident in the subject and I love expressing
my passion for music. It is incredibly interactive and I enjoy when the
class gets to engage on saying new words in unison and clapping along
to the beat. I feel like I can get feedback from the teachers on areas I
am good at and areas I can improve; they don’t just tell you and leave
it but they explain and support. The best thing about every subject is
the way that they teach as I am always at the edge of my seat!

My aspiration is to become an actress and a climate activist. At King’s,
no matter what you aspire to be, they always provide a way to get there.
I someday hope to join RADA (Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts)
as part of my flight path. The geography here at King’s helps me to learn
more about climate change and where the Earth is heading and I really
help fight that battle to save Mother Nature.
King’s is pushing me in the right direction to achieve my dream.

This is

Dixit’s King’s

I really enjoy that I get to try out new things in different subjects. That’s what will make me successful, not only at Kings but in my future. My favourite academic subject at King’s Academy is PE because PE is about your mental health, your mental wellness as well as your physical health. However, it is not about concentrating on your favourite subject you need to explore other subjects so you can succeed.


The teachers are also awesome because they explain everything very well and if you understand, your parents will also be very proud that you have learnt a lot in school but that credit goes to the teachers, after all, they are the ones who have taught you. The skills I learn in PE I can link to my other favourite subject, music, because in music when you play for a long while you might become tired but you need to be tough and carry on. It is the same in PE.


We also have Kings iPad’s to help us with our studies and help us with lots of extra-curricular activities. I’m more creative in every lesson than I ever was in Primary and you see that’s how King’s has changed my attitude to learning.


My legacy is to become an actor but a specific type of actor, an actor specialising in action and fighting. I think I will be successful in my chosen legacy because I’m always positive so I think I can do well. I have also been learning how to become an actor by public speaking. This helps build my confidence. 


I want to go to University. The University I want to go to is the University of Plymouth or Leeds University.