Mohammed Atif - Year 9


To me, respect is being positive to everyone around you and just being a kind person - it is something that comes easy to me. I believe that respect is not just part of the ASPIRE code but it is one of those things that people have to show regularly. At school, I know that I have to show respect because we're in an environment which constantly asks us to be respectful. But it is more than that. Being respectful to others and teachers in school does not take effort as you are making someone else’s life easier after everything they have done for you. So far respect has helped me so much. It has made my life easier when either I am sitting in a classroom or at home. Respect helped me the most at the start of Year 9 when I was elected to be Mill Captain and I feel that that was because I showed not just respect to my Mill Tutor but also to the rest of my mill getting me elected. In the future, I think respect will help me even more once I start college and university.