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My Child at School (MCAS)

‘My Child at School’ is an online portal that enables you as parents to view your child’s performance at school. You can do this in real-time using any web browser (e.g. Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox etc.) or an app on your mobile phone (IOS or Android). 

‘My Child at School’ allows you to take a look at how well your child is doing across several different areas of school life.

Area What It Does


An overview of key student areas by module including a menu toggle view to switch between siblings at the same school.


Allows the school to communicate with all parents. Key documents can be made available for selected groups, such as important information for a trip.


Real time attendance history and current lesson data.


Parents have an up-to-date overview of their child's behaviour both positive and negative to permit informed discussions with the school.

On Report

Parents can view and support their child's behaviour and engage in open discussion with the schools. The student report card is maintained electronically and completed by a student's teacher as they go from lesson to lesson.

Parents Evening

Parents can book their appointments and allows parents to message a teacher directly.


Parents have access to view reports and letters.

Timetable and Academic Calendar

Parents can view which lesson their child is attending on any given day and the teacher of that class.

Academic Calendar displays school events, holidays, inset days, clubs etc.

Online Payments

This is a fully secure online payment system for a range of school-related activities: clubs, wrap-around care, trips, dinner and school shop.

Exam Results and Exam Timetables

Displays upcoming/past exam timetables as well as examination results for students. This enables parents to be better informed and easily keep track of their child's examination commitments and results.

Parental Consent

Parents will have to complete visibility of the current status of key consents requested by the school.

Data Collection Forms

Parents can submit their data or update the data that is already held within the system.

You can access ‘My Child at School’ by going to www.mychildatschool.com or by downloading the app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. 
To access ‘My Child at School’ please contact MCAS@kingsbolton.com and you will be provided with the school ID, username and an activation code. 
To register an account follow the below instructions.  You will need a password to access the document which can be obtained from MCAS@kingsbolton.com:

How to register and log onto My Child At School



How to Use My Child at School (Urdu)