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Creative Arc

At King’s Leadership Academy Bolton, we believe every child should have access to a range of activities which complement their academic curriculum. Students come to King’s Bolton to learn and achieve but there’s more to life and learning than the exam treadmill.

The students who really enjoy school get involved in enrichment activities that suite them in all departments as well as across the Academy. You make new friends, learn new skills and actually improve your results by deepening your understanding or remembering to relax, have fun and keep a stress-free sense of perspective. You can do enjoyable, worthwhile enrichment which contributes to your CV, college or university application. You can even get extra qualifications, for example ECDL and First Aid.

Throughout your school career you will get the opportunity to learn a musical instrument of your choice and in year 9 you will all take part in the Duke of Edinburgh programme. There are also extra-curricular activities every night after school both academic and sport. Students are expected to take part in two activities every week.

We believe our pupils will thoroughly enjoy the choices on offer to them and immerse themselves into this part of Academy life.

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