King’s has its own, specially selected uniform and PE kit (available through Alpha school wear) so that students will feel part of the school community. Items of clothing have been chosen carefully so that they are not unduly expensive, but are exceptionally smart. It is the policy of King’s that uniform is to be worn by all students. We have high expectations of all students and personal presentation is important as a leader in the world of work.

Uniform Standards

All items of clothing must be clearly marked with your child’s name.

Day Uniform
  • King’s Blazer with wine trim and logo.
  • Shirt Plain white non-branded with tidy stiff collar (long sleeve design is mandatory with no patterns or trademarks).
  • Tie King’s tie knotted close to the collar with the King’s emblem showing. The length of the tie must extend to the trouser belt, short ties are not permitted. (School Tie will be given after their first week of Bootcamp)
  • King’s pullover with wine trim.
  • Boys Dark charcoal non-branded Trousers, of a sensible style.  Denim, cords or cotton trousers may not be worn.
  • Boys Socks Plain and Black.
  • Girl's Skirt Dark charcoal, non-branded box pleated worn to knee length. Skirts above knee length are not permitted.
  • Girls’ Socks Black non-branded, if socks are preferred they must be black in colour and worn to knee height, trainer socks are not permitted. If tights, must be black opaque, not sheer.
  • Shoes Black polished and lace-tied shoes of a plain style. Non-King’s branded. Shiny or Patented shoes, trainers, suede shoes, boots, shoes with coloured stitching/soles or pump-type shoes are not permitted.
Physical Education Uniform
  • King’s jogging bottoms
  • King’s hoodie
  • King’s black short-sleeved polo shirt
  • King’s black PE shorts
  • Plain all black non-King’s branded sports trainers (lace tied)
  • Plain black sports socks non-branded
  • King’s drawstring bag.

Pumps, plimsolls or high-tops are not acceptable for PE lessons since they do not provide adequate ankle support.

PE Additional Information

Regardless of illness or injury, students are expected to bring a full PE kit to all lessons in order to participate in a variety of leadership roles.

Additional Guidance

Travelling to and from school full uniform must be worn, this demonstrates pride in the school.

Optional Items

During the summer months, the King’s pullover is optional.

Other Uniform Items

  • Non-King’s branded School Coat (Optional) - Plain dark sober anorak style to cover blazer. Hoodies are not permitted.
  • Stationery - King’s pencil case, 2 black King’s pens, 2 King’s pencils, ruler, protractor, eraser, tipex is not permitted.
  • School bags - A King’s bag is compulsory. There are only 2 styles of bag which are permitted, all of which are King’s branded: Rucksack and holdall.  Handbag/fashion style bags are not permitted.

At King’s Bolton we expect the highest standards in everything we do, this includes appearance.

Hair and Makeup

  •  Students are expected to wear hair in a neat and acceptable style. Girls’ hair should be tied up. Hair must be of one colour and natural in appearance. Hairstyles (including shaved heads of less than grade 3) judged to be extreme by the Principal are not permitted.
  • Make-up, including coloured nail varnish, lip gloss and fake tan, is not to be worn. Hair fashion accessories are also not to be worn. False nails or other such accessories are not acceptable. If hair bands are worn they should be black only.


Ordering School Uniform

For replacement items of uniform please buy direct from our school uniform supplier Alpha School Wear at www.alphaschoolwear.com.

How to Buy School Uniform 

​Second-Hand Uniform Provision

We are requesting donations of any uniform (all King’s branded items and general items such as grey trousers) and PE kit your child no longer needs or fits in. With the cost of living increasing, we have set up a ‘preloved’ uniform base in school to help our King’s families. Therefore, if you have any uniform that is still in good condition please could you drop this at our school reception, washed and clean.

To access the preloved uniform, simply email info@kingsbolton.com with the name of the item and size.